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About us

Innovation Centre at the Finnish National Agency for Education is an experimentation, development and innovation unit that supports municipalities as they develop their systems of schools and early education to better meet the needs of all learners. Through experiments, trials and pilots, we want to understand how our education governance could better support schools across Finland and to identify, test and co-create new tools and approaches to build that capacity.

In education there are plenty of visionary thought leaders and growing consensus that we need to do better on school systems level to prepare every child to thrive in a complex and uncertain world. However, the question of “how” to actually do it in the hectic life in classrooms and schools across Finland, remains to be answered. We work with education providers and schools, educator networks and other stakeholders to co-create new tools and ways to develop better human-centred education services on the local level. We engage experts from education governance in these experiments to learn from them and to enhance information flow and feedback loops from the local to national level. We have understood that focusing on supporting learning throughout the system is important — and often easier said than done.

As the first agency-level innovation unit in Finland, Innovation Centre is an experiment in and of itself. Our tenure is 2017-2020.